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The Plowden Revealed

The Plowden Revealed is a collaborative project between Jordan Hess and award winning violinist Cristian Fatu.  This downloadable collaboration project features a solo E.P. recorded using the 1735 'Plowden' violin by Giuseppe Guarneri 'Del Gesu'.  A PDF with over 200 detailed photos of the Plowden is also included, as well as video taken during the recording session. 

      "I am fascinated by sound, I have always been! What better reason to make a recording than to present the voice of a magnificent instrument. I am fortunate to have met some extraordinary people along my journey as a violinist and among them is Dr. Mark Ptashne who generously let me borrow his violin the 1735 Guarneri del Gesu “Plowden”. 

In my view the notion of solo violin music is one of works full of freedom which are playful, volatile and sometimes unpredictable as it was for me learning to play this wonderful Del Gesu violin during the recording session. I tried to plan an interesting program, a little art exhibit with selections that have accompanied me through life’s journeys. The goal was to create a recording that will resonate in a deep and meaningful way."  -Cristian Fatu

G. Enescu - Impressions d’enfance, "Ménétrier"          
F. Kreisler - Recitativo and Scherzo Caprice                               
A. Piazzola - Tango Etude No.3                                  
I. Voicu - The morning after the wedding       

Videos of the pieces are also included, as well as a bonus video of the Bach Chaccone.  Due to upload size constraints, the videos are low resolution.  Please email me or Cristian Fatu for the full resolution videos.

We would like to extend many thanks to Mark Ptashne for providing access to the Plowden for this project!

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Sample photos:

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